Roasted Seckel Pears with Blue Cheese

This little snack/treat/what-have-you is simple to make and, as you can probably imagine, delicious to eat! You can serve them on a cheese platter, as hors d’oeuvres, or for dessert. I love baked fruit, and pears with blue cheese is a tried ‘n true winning combination. So, I figured, baked pears with melted blue cheese was bound to be good.

Seckel Pears are the tiny ones that are sweet and juicy at this time of year. Pick some up, along with some blue cheese (and Maldon Sea Salt if you don’t already have it). I went with a raw cow’s milk blue, but you could use a goat’s milk blue as well… both are great. Rinse the pears, and cut them in half lengthwise from north to south poles. If you happen to have a melon baller (I have two… how did that happen?), it’s perfect for scooping out the seeds. Otherwise, use a knife or a spoon.

Crumble some blue cheese in the hollowed out hole of each half pear, and pop them in a 350⁰ oven for 15 minutes. When the pears are slightly softened and the cheese is melted, they’re ready to roll. Sprinkle with some Maldon Sea Salt before serving.


  • Seckel Pears
  • Blue Cheese
  • Maldon Sea Salt for Sprinkling
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