Montreal in Three Days

After TONS of people (i.e. not even my mom) were asking me to get back to binnycooks, I figured I’d give it a whirl.  Plus I am sure everyone is getting le tired of watching the Les Miserables trailer over and over again on youtube, so maybe some fresh online procrastination material will do the world some good.

Since my bachelorette party cocktail, I did indeed go through with the nuptials. And in typical post-wedding fashion, promptly gained 20 pounds on the honeymoon in Montreal. I mean, I’m married now, right? I can gain as much weight as I want and stop brushing my hair (kidding… I never brushed my hair).

But seriously, Montreal is amazing. Everyone should literally skip work tomorrow and get in the car and drive there this instant. Here’s a three-day, four-night Montreal Guide from a convicted glutton:

Arrive Sunday night – check into L’Hotel (which in French means “hotel”), a moderately priced fantastic hotel in Old Montreal (the super charming cobblestoney part of the city). Walk a few blocks to eat dinner at Garde Manger. Get the plateaux de fruits de mer and the lobster poutine (when in Rome…).

Monday morning, it’s time for Part One of your Montreal Bagel Odyssey. Fairemount Bagel is your first stop. A total hole in the wall, I recommend the everything bagel (complete with fennel seeds!).

For lunch, check out Le Cartet back downtown – café au laits, chalkboards, farm tables – it’s great. For dinner, hit up Brasserie T!, the reasonably-priced sister restaurant of the famous Toque. Get the duck rillettes to start and finish with Mushrooms + a soft poached egg. Outrageously good.

Tuesday morning, try Montreal Bagel Odyssey stop #2: St. Viateur Bagel. Bagel-wise, I’m on Team Fairmount but St. Viateur is worth a stop as well. For lunch, hit up the legendary (et coûteux) Toque! Its hotel-lobby atmosphere leaves a lil’ to be desired, but, as my mom says, you can’t eat atmosphere. You can, however, eat venison tartar and duck confit crepes – which we did, and they were perfect.

Tuesday night, start early at Buvette Chez Simon, a laid back bistro that does everything right. After some cheese and charcuterie tapas, head down to our highlight of the trip, a late dinner at Joe Beef. It lives up to the hype. Don’t leave Montreal without it. Get some oysters and a dark beer.

Wednesday, walk over to Olive et Gourmando, an adorable bakery/café in Old Montreal, for a croissant or their “poached egg on your face”. Then,  bixi-bike down the canal to Marche Atwater and pick up some presents to bring home to the fam. For lunch, hit up a cult favorite (recommended by my McGill alum cousin), Rotisserie Romados – Peruvian chicken sandwiches at their finest. As an afternoon pick-me-up, try the lattes at Café Myriad (best barista in the city).

For your early dinner, go to L’Express, a French bistro with a perfect menu. We got the sorrel soup and the quiche du jour. For dinner #2, cap it off at Au Pied Du Cochon. Fried squash blossoms, little bites of fois gras, a tomato tart, and the PDC crispy “salad”… it is perfect.

I’m moving to Canada.

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  1. Mom
    Posted January 10, 2013 at 3:43 pm | Permalink

    I got TWO shout outs!
    So glad you’re back online.

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