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Goat Cheese Croquettes

This is great if you’re looking for more ways to fit cheese into your diet. That’s pretty much my number one priority, by the way. Slice of toast? Cover it with cheese. Sandwich meat? Melt some cheese on that. Healthy Salad? Add some fried cheese balls. But when you call them “Goat Cheese Croquettes”, everyone […]

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Egg White Salad

I’ve been toying with the idea of making this one for a while. Egg white salad has always been a figment of my delusional, far-fetched imagination. I pictured energetic little housewives buying it by the pint at my adorable specialty foods store in some adorable little town. It would be their “protein boost” after some […]

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Salade Niçoise

This is a classic. But she’s a tough classic to finagle in the winter when you’re kinda-sorta trying to cook seasonally. I must admit I was tempted to grab some bright green beans at the supermarket. But instead I went with some winter root veggies… after all, I figured the staple Salade Niçoise ingredients of […]

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Cheese Soufflé with an Arugula Salad

Ok I promise this will be my last fat-filled post for a while. I feel like I’m still in Christmas Cholesterol Land and everyone around me is hitting the gym and crushing salads. You 2011 Go-Getters leave me no choice but to start coming up with food ideas that don’t have pounds of butter or […]

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Sweet Pepper and Goat Cheese Salad

Happy Labor Day, everybody! I’ll emphasize day because Labor Day Weekends don’t exist in my slightly troubling career trajectory.  Yes, getting scheduled for Saturday and Sunday night shifts threw a monkey wrench of epic proportions into my would-have-been-phenomenal weekend plans. So, after machete-hacking my way through the jungle of kitchen weeds that was my Sunday […]

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Mom’s Chicken Salad

michigan lottery Just to brag for a second: my mom is an excellent cook. I know everyone says that, but my mom actually is. In the midst of raising twelve children, she somehow managed to put gourmet meals on the table every night. The poor woman would spoil us kids with Coquilles St. Jacques and […]

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Corn and Tomatoes on Toast

pa lottery So it’s fun to cook and all but when you’re twenty-something, living in a small apartment, and working non-stop… it’s hard to find the time to eat, let alone cook! And when you do finally make the effort (Sunday night activity?), and find a recipe you like, and whip up your dinner, you […]

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Shrimp with Orzo, Tomato, Cantaloupe, and Corn

lottery When produce is this good, it’s hard to really mess things up. Find a ripe tomato, find some summer corn, throw them together, how can that taste bad? I thought I’d experiment with this reckless-summer-cooking urge and hit up a local farm stand for inspiration. Red onion? Throw it in the mix! Intensely juicy […]

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Quinoa with Stone Fruits and Basil

powerball I like to think quinoa and I were destined for each other, he was just playing hard to get for my first couple decades of life. The courtship began shortly after my mom turned our kitchen gluten free. Before Celiac’s exploded into our household in the early 2000’s, we never strayed from the same-old-same-old […]

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Poached Egg, Tomatoes, and Fresh Herb Dressing

mega millions A good friend of mine used to top just about every meal she made with a poached egg. Salad plus an egg, pasta plus an egg, burger plus an egg—80% of the time it works every time. Growing up in a family of voracious poached egg eaters, this is a skill I’ve learned […]

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